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Email Marketing Services Company

Bulk Email Services Provider in India

Email Marketing Services, Email Marketing Tips, emailer design, and Email writing services are the few most effective services to engage customers and generate revenue easily. The ultimate goal is to boost the business-client relationship, to engage more new customers, and to increase sales.

We at Shakya technology, making a wonderful record to provide the world’s best email marketing services in India to several companies over the years. We follow this tailored checklist to provide an effective Email Marketing Company in Delhi

  • Establishing a database by Handling huge contact lists
  • Another thing is Subscription supervision
  • Ensuring your email can be sent to thousands or even lakhs of inboxes within just 24 hours.
  • Before the delivery of emails, Spam verification is a must.
  • Personalization and Customization of every individual mail.
  • Managing and Segregating your mailing teams (In-house team, clients, leads, etc)
  • Reviewing/ Providing for attachment file support
  • Facilitating Scheduling flexibility
  • Constant monitoring of open and click-through rate
  • On parameters and detailed reports and parameters are provided for your reference.
  • In the list of parameters an Open rate statistics, unsubscribe rate, Click through statistics, Bounce rate, and many others are included.

Why do you need an Email Marketing Agency in Delhi?

Email Marketing services are continuously evolving. According to statistics, almost 87% of consumers check companies’ emails. And it may be surprising to you that around 46% of the email recipients end up buying products or services. Bulk Email Services in Delhi can be beneficial for your business in different and effective ways.

Maintain the flow of communication:

With emails, You can contact your all clients regularly. By connecting to your whole set of databases creates a great bond between the emailers and recipients. Notifying your products and services are influential in their buying decisions. The tracking tool for email marketing services will help you to earn loyal customers.


in comparison to other online marketing tools available, in short, It is quite a cost-effective means.

Get measurable results by support your marketing strategies:

email marketing services companies in India are equipped with advanced tracking and reporting facilities. in order to modify your online marketing strategies, You can easily calculate the following metrics.

  • Deliverability
  • Open rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Subscriber retention

Undoubtedly, Advanced Bulk Email Services Provider in India facilitates the opportunity to integrate your email marketing and social media initiatives. You can easily track your potential customer’s responses and their contributions to your services. A better email marketing strategy can be developing on the basis of the responses of the customers. Shakya technology will be honored to show you the rightful insight into email marketing services. We are a common name in the field of digital marketing in India.

Why us?

You will easily many Email Marketing companies in Delhi. Shakya technology is not just another one. You will definitely experience a different level of dedication and expertise with us. In Shakya technology, we use the following skillset to run an Email marketing campaign for our clients.

  • Strategizing and implementing for sustained communication
  • Emailer content writing Skills
  • Emailer management
  • Designing skills
  • Coding Skills (HTML)
  • Tracking Skills