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Mobile SEO Services Agency

Mobile SEO is the way toward getting your mobile site to rank higher in mobile search results. We assist you with an affordable Mobile SEO plan to exploit all the ideal approaches to move your website to the top of mobile search results. Just like traditional SEO, you have to optimize your site for both the client and the search engine.

As a leading Mobile Website SEO Company India, we avoid similar methodologies, and relatively offer customized and specialized assistance.

Things You Must Know about Mobile :

Did you know that majority of searches now being performed on cell phones? As per Google’s mobile-first search indexing, the importance of your webpage to be mobile-centric increased. The following significant trends are at play:

  • AMP (Google Accelerated Mobile Pages) is rising from infancy and turning into a significant asset
  • Page load speed on mobile considered as a good ranking factor
  • PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), website pages that can interact with cell phone features, may progressively supplant traditional apps. More and more searches are being performed by voice instead of typing, and that changes how individuals search
  • Digital personal assistants, for example, “smart speakers” might be the greatest danger to the dominance of Google ever

The difference between Mobile SEO and Desktop SEO:

  • Mobile has a smaller screen compared to the computer, thus typing is troublesome on them.
  • Mobile operates via mobile operator networks and is not as quick as a wired internet connection.
  • Search engines have different algorithms for indexing mobile websites.
  • The website structure is also different for mobile sites. Mobile sites must be small and lightweight

Increase your Organic Search and Conversions with our affordable Mobile Website SEO packages

At Shakya Technology, we perform a profound analysis of your site to guarantee top performance in search results and across different devices.

UI Analysis

Your site is perhaps the greatest factor in your SEO strategy. We streamline the mobile experience to influence mobile search results.

Load Time Analysis

We will deeply analyze all factors which can improve the load time of your site over various devices as we all know that load time is an important ranking factor.


The keywords/search-terms we choose for your campaign depend on in-depth research about your audience.

Keyword Analysis

Our mobile SEO specialists convey a comprehensive keyword analysis and guarantee to utilize mobile-friendly keywords for top search ranking.

Mobile-Friendly Content Optimization

As we become acquainted with individuals’ reading pattern, we make mobile-friendly content to enhance your site for mobile devices

Local SEO

Our mobile SEO services likewise incorporate Local SEO Companies in India to serve better functionality to remain at the top of SERPs in your local area.

Link Building

We construct short and precise links on your site so that there will be no additionally zooming in and zooming out.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Your site evaluated to guarantee that the mobile user experience optimized for mobile web browsers.

Feel free to reach us to know more about our Mobile SEO Packages India.